Huntin’, fishin’ fashion!

Fashion’s fancy for all things tweedy and trad English – yet another 70s trend enjoying a renaissance this autumn – prompted us to dig out these photos from the Great Outdoors section of our book. The would-be country squire with the beard is Roger Saul, founder of Mulberry, with his wife Monty. He was inspired to launch the label after spotting outdoorsy accessories at an agricultural show in 1975, and kick-started one of the late 70s’ biggest trends. And Kenzo Takada saw the potential of the hacking-jacket-and-riding-boots look back in 1973, mixing it up with prairie flounces and a borrowed-from-the-boyfriend trilby. Proto-Annie Hall?
Talking of which, Kenzo celebrates its 40th birthday this year and is to be the next subject of the V&A’s Fashion in Motion series, on November 12. Look out for a range of limited-edition items launched to coincide with this – including this super-cute knit-it-yourself kit from the Kenzo archive. Rizzoli will also be publishing a monograph on Kenzo.

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  1. Liz Farrelly says:

    Hi, I just found a little bit more info on the Kenzo knit it yourself kit;
    Very nice,

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