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  1. Ray adamik says:

    Spring 1979: dark denim Fiorucci jeans, Sperry topsider boat shoes (in gray not brown!) with white bottoms, dark blue Lacoste polo with a tiny shawl collar (!) and to finish it off, a light blue webbed army belt with subtle black and white pattern and of course, silver buckle, from Fiorucci. Love that transition period between the early and mid 70’s and the 1980’s. And listening to disco song “Magnifique” by Charisma at the Ice Palace on 57th street or the Prelude in New Hope, Pa., popular weekend place for New Yorkers. Studio 54? Yeah, but too many badly dressed men!!

  2. scriabin1915 says:

    Thank you Dominic and Kirsty for reading my comments. As you may have guessed I have an incredibly archived mind for the 70s which I lived through and was aware even at the time that it was something special! Especially in the late 70s there was such an energy in the air if you were young and interested in art and fashion and music (and for me the latter was disco – pure unadulterated disco!). The way men’s fashion evolved so much in the last couple years of that decade was so incredibly interesting – I used to think it was as if, when Saturday Night Fever came out in late ’77, the men’s fashion industry said ” okay – enough with the polyester – time for something new.” Of course the changes were probably already starting. There will never be another Fiorucci: curious how they didn’t advertise and many people were unaware of it – you either knew it or you didn’t ! Truth is, I didn’t buy too many things there; went to N Y several times a year but they were kind of expensive and I was young with limited money. Still have a couple items – maybe I’ll send you pictures – had more but you know how mothers can be with throwing stuff out! ( here’s another great song: “Sun Sun Sun” by Jakki – fall 1976 – kind of disco/funk/even jazz – the last three minute instrumental part is the best) Have a great New Year!!

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